The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology in Sughra Shafi Hospital is providing state of the art care facilities to a vast under developed and under privileged population draining Narowal District. The department provides round the clock facilities for Emergency Obstetrics Conditions & facilitating Normal labour process in patients through its dedicated doctors, staff nurses, paramedical staff along with support of anesthesia, neonatal and Pathology departments. The department is well equipped and skilled not only Obstetrics but Gynecological Surgeries, both open and laparoscopic, are being done routinely.

Staff & Paramedical Staff

  • Full Staff Nurses     5
  • Mid Wives                  7
  • Paramedics                4

The functioning of department is comparable to the any public sector hospitals but we still aim to improve not only the existing facilities but also to introduce certain new facilities in fields of Infertility, fetal medicine & obstetrical ultrasounds with Doppler techniques. The department is planning to get accreditation from CPSP so that the Post Graduate Training Programs can also be offered and these will overall improve Maternal and child health care. The undergraduate students will soon be coming for their clinical rotations and the faculty is fully prepared the face the challenges of teaching students in OPDs, Bed side and on Dummies.

Duties of Faculty

  1. Round the Clock Emergency obstetrics Care
  2. In Patient Treatments
  3. Outdoors and Antenatal Examinations
  4. Gynecological Surgeries
  5. Undergraduate Teachings

Yearly Plan

  1. Increased Out and In Patient Numbers
  2. Organize Blood Bank to minimize referrals
  3. Accreditation with CPSP
  4. At least Three Research Articles
  5. Infertility Treatment facilities
  6. Completion of Faculty as per PM&DC

Faculty Members

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Head of department
Prof. Dr. Malahat Mansoor
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Prof. Dr. Uzma Yaqub
Name Qualification Designation
Prof. Dr. Malahat Mansoor Professor
Prof. Dr. Uzma Yaqub Professor
Dr. Tasneem Kausar Associate Professor
Dr. Sajida Yasmeen Associate Professor
Dr. Munawar Afzal Assistant Professor
Dr. Humera Bilal Assistant Professor
Dr. Nadia Zulfiqar Assistant Professor
Dr. Shagufta Yousuf Senior Registrar
Dr. Naheed Akhtar Senior Registrar
Dr. Iqra Saleem Registrar
Dr. Faizat Fatima Registrar
Dr. Ishrat Javeed Registrar
Dr. Namra Zarar Registrar