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Medical education worldwide has expanded beyond discipline-based curriculum, large classroom teaching and annual assessment. The department ensures provision of quality medical education that enables grooming of competent and humane health professionals. Our aim is to produce doctors and paramedics who can provide the best health care keeping global standards of service delivery in mind.
The Department of Medical Education (DME) is focused on meeting the educational needs of the faculty by developing a pool of trained faculty members conversant with educational concepts, changes in curriculum practices, innovative teaching and learning methods and skills in writing quality test items.
Finally self-reflection and critiques of teaching techniques are vital to propel medical schools towards promoting and aiming for uncompromising excellence in medical educations. Students’ feedback on regular basis enhances quality teaching and assessment practices.

Sahara Medical College

Continued Medical Education (CME) Workshops

# Date Topic Department Presence/Participation
1 30/1/2018 Introduction to Medical Education Yes
2 13/02/2018 Developing High Quality Learning Objectives Yes
3 27/02/2018 Basics of Assessment, MCQ Development-1 Yes
4 06/03/2018 Basics of Assessment, MCQ Development-2 Yes
5 13/03/2018 Interactive Lecturing: Converting a Lecture Topic to a student-centered learning activity-1 Yes
6 20/03/2018 Interactive Lecturing: Converting a Lecture Topic to a student-centered learning activity-2 Yes
7 10/04/2018 How to Make an Effective Powerful Presentation Yes
8 24/04/2018 Learning through Portfolios and Portfolio Development Yes
9 08/05/2018 MCQ Development and Anatomy of One Best Item Yes
10 03/07/2018 Interactive Lecturing: Converting a Lecture Topic to a student-centered learning activity- Review Yes
11 09/07/2018 Action Research Yes
12 17/07/2018 Blue Printing Yes
13 31/07/2018 Handling Difficult Students and Giving them Feedback Yes
14 28/08/2018 Paper Setting, MCQ and SAQ Development Yes
15 11/09/2018 Curriculum Mapping/Concept Map Yes
16 25/09/2018 Integrated Teaching System Yes
17 26/07/2019 Assessment of Competence Yes
18 26/07/2019 MCQ Construction Yes
19 26/07/2019 TOACS Yes

Faculty Members

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Head of department
Dr. Khawaja Khalid Shoaib
Name Qualification Designation
Dr. Khawaja Khalid Shoaib HOD
Prof. M. Nauman Shad Professor
Prof. Ibrahim Khan HOD (Physiology)
Dr. Sohail Hassan
Dr. Bushra Gohar
Dr. Saqib Mansoor