The Department of Pharmacology in Sahara Medical College is recognized for highly skilled teaching. It is well equipped with laboratory and museum. The laboratory contains high tech equipment which is used to observe the effects of different drugs on different organs in animals (Experimental Pharmacology). It forms the basis of research for students and prepares them to treat different diseases by using drugs. There is a museum (containing old herbs to modern medicines) and a lecture theater for conducting lectures and tutorials.

Faculty Members

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Head of department
Prof. Dr. Najiba Qamar
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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nauman Shad
Name Qualification Designation
Prof. Dr. Najiba Qamar Professor
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nauman Shad Professor
Dr. Shahnaz Fatima Assistant Professor
Dr. Mufakhara Fatimah Assistant Professor
Dr. Arslan Ghafar Demonstrator
Dr. Ghulam Murtza Khan Demonstrator
Dr. Saba Khadim Demonstrator
Dr. Shehzadi Pulwasha Hameed Demonstrator
Dr. Saneea Saleem Qureshi Demonstrator
Dr. Furqan Aleem Demonstrator