Sahara Medical College is highly suitable to impart undergraduate medical training in Pathology as it has a fully developed infrastructure along with FCPS qualified consultant pathologists in all the subspecialties to impart necessary training. The department includes Chemical Pathology, Hematology, Histopathology, Microbiology and Immunology along with Clinical Pathology Sections. Human resource includes five consultant Pathologists supported by a highly trained and committed lab team. The Lab is managed through custom made Lab Info System (LIS) and has automation and induction of sophisticated technologies and equipment. Establishment of a pathology museum in the college is a new addition which contains a large number of specimens. The museum has been established under the direct guidance and supervision of the head of department, who is a renowned personality in the field of Pathology.


Department of Pathology envisions providing high quality teaching of pathology to both medical and para-medical students as per need. The pathology department also provides diagnostic services for the ailing community at Sughra Shafi Hospital. The department has been maintaining an environment where all members got equal chances of good working and relationship so as to promote the cause of Sahara Medical College.

Yearly Plan

At present there is no class for regular teaching of pathology. However department is ready to involve in active teaching program through lectures, Tutorial, and practicals. The students will have access to departmental library, college library as well as digital library. The teaching program will be according to PMDS, and UHS criteria.

Duties of Faculty

  • 1- Visit Of PMDC

    PMDC visited our college four times, all faculty members prepared the department to conduct visit successfully. It is no doubt a great success of the last year that Sahara Medical College is now recognized by PMDC.

  • 2- Schedule and Time table making

    We will make a comprehensive schedule and time table to meet the demands of study course.

  • 3- Teaching

    All faculty members of pathology department will be engaged in teaching General Pathology, Special Pathology and Microbiology.

  • 4- Discipline

    All faculty members remained punctual and regular as advised by the HOD to illustrate disciplinary image for the students.

  • 5- Papers for Examination
    • Making

      HOD advised all teachers to learn and practice for making standard MCQs and SEQs for evaluation of students.

    • Checking

      All faculty members will be involved in checking of papers

  • 6- Papers for Examination
    • Guidelines

      Students will be guided how to attempt papers and conduct practicals.

    • Invigilation

      All faculty members will be involved in invigilation to conduct exams and practical in a good manner according to university rules and regulations.

Faculty Members

Thumbnail Image
Head of department
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Riaz Hussain
Thumbnail Image
Prof. Dr. Akif Qasim
Thumbnail Image
Prof. Dr. Razi Uddin Ahmed
Thumbnail Image
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tariq
Name Qualification Designation
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Riaz Hussain Professor
Prof. Dr. Akif Qasim Professor
Prof. Dr. Razi Uddin Ahmed Professor
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tariq Professor
Dr. Khalida Ahtesham Associate Professor
Dr. Khushbu Farva Assistant Professor
Dr. Saeeda Nabat Ul Hassan Assistant Professor
Dr. Hamed Nawaz Khokhar Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Zain Ul Abdin Assistant Professor
Dr. Noman Qiass Demonstrator
Dr. Khurram Shehzad Demonstrator
Dr. Ghulam Asghar Bhutta Demonstrator
Dr. Ali Raza Demonstrator
Dr. Usman Ali Demonstrator
Dr. Seemab Shabbir Demonstrator
Dr. Farhat Rafi Demonstrator
Dr. Mohammad Awais Joiya Demonstrator