This department imparts Community- Oriented Medical Education (COME) and Community- Based Medical Education which enables the Medical students to appreciate Disease not just in an individual patient but to also have a holistic approach regarding the spectrum of disease in the whole of community. This renders the doctor even more useful to the society as then he may not treat only one individual but prevents hundreds and thousands from the same disease. The Department Museum is well equipped with required models/specimens and equipment for practical demonstrations and tutorials. Field visits of places of Public health importance, Household surveys and research work is being arranged regularly.


The Department of Community Medicine being the custodian of livable standards of health of community at remote, under-privileged rural population of Narowal and adjoining areas ,and that of nation and even global health is visualizing to produce fiver star doctors (as visualized by Boelns) who could prove themselves as

  1. good health team leaders,
  2. good coordinators,
  3. good health messages communicators
  4. excellent physicians
  5. and best decision makers
Who could internationally prove to be the proud of the SOIL.

Departmental Activities

  • 1- Medical teaching

    Teaching concepts of public health to medical students has been started under the integrated teaching program

  • 2- Research

    Department is committed to conduct and facilitate the research activities at SMC, Narowal. Currently research projects under study are:

    1. Self reported access barriers and utilization and utilization of post-crash emergency care in Narowal.
    2. Trends of helmet use among motorcyclist in Narowal.
    3. Psychological and behavioral effects of power crises on urban pop at Narowal.
    Representation of SMC Narowal /participation in national and international conferences: Department is proud to represent the Principal and higher management of Sahara Medical College, Narowal in international conferences through Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad who participated in an international conference on: Bridging the gaps in health care and improving patient care out come.

    Representation of SMC Narowal in provincial health care delivery related planning and developmental workshops.
    The department has been actively involved in planning and developmental activities under the chair of chief minister and chairman planning and development committee at as in review of medical teaching facilities at medical colleges and affiliated hospitals in Punjab.

    Involvement in extra-curricular activities and couching of medical students.

Faculty Members

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Head of department
Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad
Name Qualification Designation
Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Professor
Dr. Muhammad Dawood Assistant Professor
Dr. Hamid Mahmood Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Junaid Mirza Assistant Professor
Dr. Omer Masood Demonstrator
Dr. Zahra Ahmed Demonstrator
Dr. Muhammad Bilal Siddique Demonstrator
Dr. Ammara Zafar Demonstrator
Dr. Muhammad Asif Ali Demonstrator