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Hostel Policy



  1. The student will abide by rules promulgated by the Senior Management, SLT from time to time.
  2. The student will be responsible for the care and safety of all the property of hostel used by him/her and ensured by preventing any deliberate damage, loss or theft. Otherwise, he will pay against all damages in any form caused by him/her due to negligence or deliberate act.
  3. Students are not allowed to keep fire arms, prohibited drugs or narcotics in their rooms in hostels.
  4. The student will not involve in any sort of political, sectarian, ethnic, religious and other such activities in hostels
  5. Unauthorized students will not be allowed to live in the hostels. If such case is reported strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students who accommodated unauthorized guests.
  6. No female guest is allowed in the boy’s hostels and no male guest is allowed in the girl’s hostels under any circumstances.
  7. Each Boarder will pay all hostel and mess dues in advance by a specified date. Defaulters will not be allowed to live in the hostel.
  8. Any student guilty of misconduct and violation of hostel rules will be expelled from the hostel by the Principal on advice of the warden of hostels.
  9. The students will be responsible for paying extra dues for additional use of electric appliances like air conditioner, refrigerators, microwave ovens etc. While the electric heaters are not permissible at hostel rooms.
  10. The Warden has appointed separate mess committees and prefects to supervise the messes of the hostels each for Boys and Girls.
  11. The Assistant Warden ensures appropriate excellent standard of cleanliness & quality of food in the messes.
  12. The students have to accommodate in the hostel as per the room capacity, otherwise they have to pay the extra amount against the hostel charges as per policy of SAHARA Medical College Narowal. It is mandatory that the three (3) students/hostelites have to stay in a single room of hostel.
  13. After the approval of Senior Management, SLT, Principal exercises his discretionary power to rectify any problem being faced by students regarding the messes of the hostels.

Timings of the Hostels

Boys Hostels:

  1. All students should be available in their rooms by 09:00 p.m. The warden (or his representative) will check the presence of students in their rooms at 09:15 p.m. The name of absents students will be reported to the warden/Principal, SMC.

Girls Hostels:

  1. All girl students should be present in the hostel rooms/premises by 8:00 p.m. They shall provide a list of visitors duly approved by their parents or guardian to the warden. A record register of departure & arrival will be maintained by the warden to record the timings of girl’s students going out of the hostel in the afternoon.